At Heritage School Of Education, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one of a kind needs. Our goal is to help our student meet the learning benchmarks for their grade, using the following :

  • Classroom Instructions
  • Small – group Projects
  • One-On-One Tutoring
  • After School Enrichment


What are the first feelings when you ponder about choosing a school for your child? The faculty, the infrastructure, the quality of education… What not. But, often one misses the motivation behind the deeds. Behind the citadel of education that the Heritage school of education is today, there stands Miss Saima Bhat, Chairperson of the Institution who is Masters in Business Management and a Research scholar……….​ Read More



Our School is lucky to have a talented staff of state-certified professionals,The school boasts of dedicated and competent team of teachers selected carefully for their mastery over subject matter and instructional strategies. Teachers are further nurtured through training programs that keep them updated and help them to reflect, learn and constantly evolve.
​Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where students feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best and help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years. HSE is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different. We welcome all who come through our door. Know More About Us